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Nexus’ advocacy program provides guidance, peer counseling, resources and information to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  We have a experienced Client Advocate who will work with you to help you navigate life’s challenges.  

Some of the services we offer through our Client Advocacy program are:

  • English to ASL Translation

    • If you have bills or letters you need help understanding and filling out, we’re happy to help!

  • Budgeting and Payee Program

    • Budgeting is a learned skill that helps you have money left over at the end of the month and allows you to start saving for adventures.  If you struggle with budgeting, our Payee Program can help!
  • Educational Guidance for Families
    • Have a child who is D/HH? Our Client Advocates can help you understand IEPs, 504s and any other questions you may have about the education system and its options.
  • Advocacy

    • Client Advocates will help you understand your rights and take action if you feel your rights have been violated.

  • Social Security Issues

    • Having trouble navigating the Social Security system? We’re here to help!

  • Obtaining Assistive Technology

    • If you need assistive technology such as an iPad, special phone, alert devices or hearing aids, our Client Advocates can help point you in the right direction and apply for services.

  • Employment Resources & Skills

    • Trying to find a job? Our Client Advocates can help you find employment resources such as DVR and develop needed skills to enter the work force.  

  • Independent Living Skills

    • Struggling to live independently? We can help teach you independent living skills and provide support as you work towards being successfully independent. 

For statewide advocacy information: 


Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Disability Rights of WA State