Payee Program


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Struggling with money? Nexus has a program that can help you save money and make sure your bills are paid on time! 

Payee Program


Here at Nexus INW, we have a program called the Payee Program.  This is a free service that we offer to our clients and functions similarly to agencies such as Skils’kin, except that here it is TOTALLY FREE and you get service in your preferred language (ASL or English) or mode of communication. 


What is the Payee Program?

A program where your money is safe, your bills are paid, you get spending money regularly and can save for big items or adventures! If you often find yourself without money left over at the end of the month, or behind on bills, this program could help you budget, save and pay bills on time.


How does it work?

You sit down with a Client Advocate and decide if the Payee Program is right for you.  If so, you will work with our amazing Accountant, Anita, to set up a schedule and go over your bills and then deposit your income check into your Nexus account when you receive it.  Anita will ensure that all of your bills are paid on time, that you have a weekly allowance that you pick up, and that you keep some money in savings for an emergency or special occasion. You stay in touch with Anita as things come up, and the two of you can make sure your money is being used to benefit YOU in the best way possible.  Nexus will then send you a budget report each month.  This is a totally FREE service and you stay in control of your money.


Why Join the Payee Program?

It will help you take control of your money and your life! No more dealing with collection agencies.  No more late fees. You know that money will be coming every week.  You can save money for things you’ve been wanting.


Find out more:

Contact the front office at (509) 315-2288 



Click on the Payee Presentation for more information:

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